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 Bold, Focused,
Passionate Leadership Starts Today 


We are the thought partner you can count on in your journey to embrace your courage to truly lead.  Our methods are smart, straight forward and focused on your goals.

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Career Transition Coaching

Time for a change?  Our 'Career Transition' program is focused on helping you making that decisive move.   Starting with that most important question - what do you want next - we help you define, build and go after that ideal next chapter.   We start with you - your needs, expectations and build the path forward.   Need help in designing and actioning that next chapter?   That's what we are great at!    

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Executive Coaching

   Rise to the occasion whatever the new challenge you are facing.  Loretta Smith is the thought partner, the ally you want in your corner who will challenge you whilst always staying committed to Your Success.  She knows when to encourage and when to hold your feet to the fire.  Leverage your strengths, define and overcome obstacles and chart your path forward with a strong, strategic Executive Coach.

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Building Powerful Teams

Great teams are built focused on a common goal - a mission.   Ensuring each member is aligned to goal, understands the power of augmenting each others strengths and ensuring a trusting relationship is key.  Genesis offers team building programs which include Team Coaching,  Custom Designed Leadership Training Programs, Round Table Corporate Sessions as well as Psychometric Profiling to ensure optimal team dynamics. 


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