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Successful leaders know the value of developing long-term mentor and coaching partnerships. A Genesis coach is focused on helping you live your best life – at work and at play.

Executive Coaching

As a Mentor and Coach, we are trusted allies, ‘thought partners’ who challenge conventional wisdom and always committed to YOUR success.  Knowing when to encourage and when to ‘hold your feet to the fire’ to ensure the job gets done is key.

Loretta Biscaro Smith brings 25 years of domestic and international market expertise, having worked with business leaders at all levels in organizations. She is known as a trusted ally and thought partner committed to help you overcome obstacles. Loretta is a mentor, coach, cheerleader, advisor, sounding board and strategist—ruthlessly focused on results.

Loretta will help you leverage your strengths and define obstacles or barriers to success. She will help you develop a roadmap of successful leadership in life and at work.

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision."

Team Coaching

Great leaders know the power of a high performing team. Hiring great talent isn’t enough—providing them with the coaching experience to help them grow and develop into great leaders is key to developing your organization. We help you develop your corporate Core Values and Leadership Competencies that enable your teams to build and implement business plans that thrive.

Executive Career Transition

In today’s competitive job market, making your next move upward or onward requires a plan. When the time is right for your next move, we help you:

  • Identify the path you want for your next career move.
  • Create a powerful resume that captures your accomplishments and highlights your transferrable skills.
  • Conduct a successful job search with researching and planning.
  • Prepare you to shine in executive job interviews. Our ‘mock’ interview process brings you experiential learning.
  • Successfully negotiate job offers.

The plan: whether it is Executive Coaching, Team Coaching or Career Transition – we start with a plan focused on he goal to be achieved. A commitment of 6 months is recommended and we start with an ‘intake meeting’ including assessments and weekly or bi-weekly meetings via phone or face to face.

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"A team's job is to provide their leader more options. A leader's job is to give his team the resources to do so."

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